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A lifestyle is a word that leads us to understand an individual. Sometimes it’s Beyonce and that’s partly because of its core lifestyle. It contains habits, attitudes, moral standards, and economic levels that together constitute the mode of living an individual. On the other hand, if you try to define all of those things about one specific group, it gets complicated.

LifeStyle| It Leads Us To Understand An Individual

Our Life Style

Our lifestyle is what helps define ourselves to others. What is an extreme lifestyle that a style like dieting and monotonous exercise? We just you others are a bit more casual about it, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator. It’s a big step.

Feel that lifestyle is a cultural matter, sometimes, it’s a tradition of coming together, participating in activities, family, lifestyle> If you can choose which way you want to live, or you can embrace the family values and tradition Plus, there’s always room to make a lifestyle change and individual, not just a group to remember that definition from before.

LifeStyle | Why We’re Unhappy?

Why we’re unhappy? Let me recall my memory around 20 years back while I worked in CARE. I was shocked when I met a boy 5 years old with severe stage diabetes but he was playing with their friends. I was shocked when I met Sonia, an orphan schoolgirl in Indonesia, and saw that she was sing-song. On the contrary, I was shocked when I saw an old man lying on the road to commit suicide in Manikgonj-Bangladesh

LifeStyle | Why We’re Unhappy?

The circumstances that shocked me were not their poverty, but their happiness for the first 2. I found the old man’s situation genuinely surprised me, as he did not have an empathic fan so, he felt bad and, wanted to die on the road but refused to blame anyone.

We have so many choices that we get stressed. We might be economically worse off. Or we’re economically better off. It’s not that we just have great reporting of depression and suicide.

Being a very simple concept but it’s an immensely important concept to fully understand. I think we form expectations based on our imagination that reflect our past experiences. So this first type of expectation gap, the imagination gap occurs when our imagination exceeds reality which is called the imagination gap.

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LifeStyle | Do You Want To Be Happy?

WEBD writes lifestyle-based articles to make humans happy. Therefore, LifeStyle many articles have been written through research and practical experiences that may lead to making your life easy not crazy; So, don’t wait click the respective article associated on this page:

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