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How To Change Your Life?

How To Change Your Life? Adaptability is the ability of a system to change the physical, mental, or psychological position that works better in some situations or for some purposes. 

Adaptability Can Change Your Life

How well a person reacts to the inevitability of change. That’s the single most important determinant. I believe that adaptability itself is a form of intelligence. And our adaptability quotient, or AQ, can be measured, tested, and improved.

Therefore, adaptability is crucial for our success. It’s not just an important deal for CEOs, but it is important for others as well.

How Does It Influence Our Life?

Indeed it’s increasingly important for all of us as the world is speeding up very fast. We know that the rate of technological change is coming with new versions. Naturally, we find more impacts on our brains. Thus it forces our brains to react,

This reaction may be applicable in your job conditions brought on by automation. Shifting geopolitics in a more globalized world condition, or simply influencing family dynamics and personal relationships.

The upcoming future is going to be tough and needs to grapple with adaptability. All levels of the population are going to face these challenges. Practicing adaptability not only helps you become a better event planner but also helps you deal with any other changes in your personal life

3 Best Ways To Assess Adaptability?

3 Best Ways To Assess Adaptability?

Practicing simulations is a sort of safe testing ground for improving adaptability. Instead of testing how you take in and retain information, in order to achieve a specific goal instead of IQ or EQ, there are three tips through which you can check adaptability. Through regular practice, you can also use it to measure adaptability by yourself:

1. Simulation Mode

During interviews, it’s common to ask about past scenarios to assess performance. However, Natalie prefers asking ‘what if’ questions instead, such as ‘What if your main revenue stream were to dry up overnight?’

By asking what-if questions, you can train your brain to come up with different scenarios, and practicing simulations can be a training ground for improving adaptability. Look for ways to challenge and unlearn what you think you know and prioritize exploration over exploitation.

This exercise gets the brain into simulation mode, and seeing the strength of the scenarios you come up with is a useful way to see how adaptable you are.

2. Search Learning Gaps

As Natalie warns, ‘Never fall too far in love with your wins, but rather continue to proactively seek out what might kill you next.’ to Natalie, adaptable people actively look for ways to ‘unlearn’, challenge and replace what they know with new information. A way to assess adaptability is by looking for signs of learning gaps in yourself.

On the last page of Gandhi’s autobiography, he wrote, “I must reduce myself to zero.” At many points in his very full life. He was still seeking to return from a beginner’s mindset to zero to unlearn.

3. Exploration not Exploitation

Natalie mentions the natural tension between exploration and exploitation. She describes how people tend to exploit their already successful (business) models, instead of exploring new ways. However, our previous successes can become an enemy of adaptability if we don’t use exploration as a tool where adaptability is not fixed.

Instead, each of us can improve dedication and hard work. There’s a sort of natural tension between exploration and exploitation and collectively all of us tend to overvalue exploitation

Some Ways To Improve Adaptability

Adapt 3

We’re entering a future where IQ and EQ matter way less than how fast you’re able to adapt.’The good news is that adaptability can be developed. As Natalie puts it, it’s like a muscle that you have to exercise, so don’t get discouraged if it takes a bit of time. The same ways of measuring your adaptability can be used for improving yourself.

Especially with all these things we have no control over. Yeah, absolutely. our adaptability and our resiliency are relative to self-compassion, and peace. You know, we’re all just doing our best. We’re all just trying to figure it out. And recognizing that it’s about progress, not perfection. We are all going to face upcoming challenges where, you know, we just don’t know what the next step is!

We all struggle to adapt sometimes. Copping mechanisms that we’ve had in the past don’t necessarily work in the future. To change so that we don’t cause ourselves anxiety or regret. Because we’re just acting in comparison with who we are. Also, we don’t unconsciously also teach others how to struggle.

Anyhow, we need to focus on that mindfulness aspect. So focus on eating in the present moment as much as we can, using some grounding techniques. You may use some meditation apps that are available online. When you’re feeling bored, swell with anxiety, and really want to challenge yourself to come out of an embarrassing situation take a deep breath.

Give priority where we can have control of it. Focusing on the things we can control, Thus we can set or change our daily routines to adjust to the new. Let’s modify our routine the best we can but still have that element of consistency.

Make sure that we are much more resilient and adaptable to handling these changes. that we may not have control over that are thrown our way. So when we’re reminding ourselves nope, this is something we have to control over.


We’re losing the ability to adapt proactively because we’re not taking the time and attention to prepare and develop ourselves. We’re constantly jumping from change to change, acting on impulse, not acting on strategy.

I found that those people who were able to be adaptable, those who had this certain adaptability meant that they had certain characteristics to fit themselves in situations. And those who struggle to adapt these characteristics with minimal or missing and I call it the adaptability and punishment.

Therefore, use your intelligence based on time, place, and perspective.

I wish you all the best.

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