Being Human | 3 Unique Tips Will Help You To Make Life Easy

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Being Human | 3 Unique Tips Will Help You To Make Life Easy

Being Human | How Can It Be Visible? While I am inspired to write this article let me say some before it. A few days before I saw an illiterate man wearing a T-Shirt where some alphabet with images mounded as HUMAN BEING! Yeah, It’s not only crazy, while asking him why did you wear this- he said, but it also looks good so.’

Remember that humans are not objects, so, no slavery that lacks dignity. Yeah, people should not be slaves. Each of human is worthy of respect and esteem and obtains the right to be free. Therefore, each people deserves the right not to be degraded or dehumanized.

Do we know about human beings? What quality needs to incorporate as humans? Is dignity associated with this basic? Is dignity a complicated subject that we are struggling with?

1. Being Human | Is Dignity A Factor?

Being Human | Is Dignity A Factor?

Dignity is a human quality indicator that easy to understand but difficult to work out on it.
Dignity is the right of a person to be valued and respected for being a reward for being the person. This is an inherent and absolute right that obtains incremental growth and development through practice-Okay. So, if you behave with dignity you show that you are worthy of respect or status. We very often have this phrase this is beneath my dignity to do that would be reducing my status. To me, the concept of human dignity reduces your status below that of a human.

You can test it out that in every situation practical behavior with dignity results in a unique state.  Indeed that dignity giving or receiving the proper level of status or respect should be given to a human.

2. Being Human | How Humility Influences?

Humiliation is a factor that affects human dignity in a greater way. Simply put, a right dignity means you don’t underestimate, disrespect, or humiliate someone. In a big forum, if you through a challenge where anyone tells a lie? You will see no one-yeah-it’s reality. Even the person nearest to you with their hand up but you know him. But it’s okay. We all lie. Don’t worry, I lie all the time. That’s my fault.

But the dilemma is that little things turn into big things. While we do something it will enhance doing everything. So if you lie now and stand on it- it’s going to make you a lying leader soon. On the other side, if you tell the truth now, the truth comes way easier later. But is it possible or difficult because now a day we’re flooded with a lot many definitions like honesty and hypocrisy and humility?

And maybe we don’t even know what they mean. Because if you google them on the surface, the definitions are easy, but when you put them into practice, they don’t work.

Humility is unique because when you have humility, notice, that’s the most important thing about humility is nobody notices but you human nine times out of 10 If you ask someone if they have humility, that they’re being honest, but it’s not honesty, it’s not meekness, not belittling yourself. Humility is not thinking less of yourself. Humility is thinking of yourself less. Right? So when it’s funny, someone was asking me and I was trying to tell them about humility. For more information please click…

3. Being Human |How Integrity Works?

. Being Human |How Integrity Works?

When hen you work in your way, in your groups, your teams, your leadership, or wherever you are the key player, nobody notices but it doesn’t work unless you have integrity. Integrity is when you align your actions with your beliefs.

The word integrity a Latin adjective integer means whole on one. Think of it like that. That’s where the word integrity comes from. You can imagine that you have got a pizza, you separate the pieces, but it leaves the missing part in the center. When you don’t have a central use, you don’t have a point of reference, you lose your integrity, From the part of realization, it leaves you asking the question Why do I feel this way? What am I missing?

Oftentimes, we try to use beauty, fame, money, success, and popularity to bring the pieces (broken parts of integrity) back together. In most cases, We are used to its integrity but sometimes that they’re not functioning properly. Rather It leaves you confused about integrity in that it leads to hypocrisy.

If you don’t align your actions with your beliefs, you kind of become a hypocrite. You know, acting has always been a passion of mine with the theatre, the lights the sound, and else. We are playing on our ground with wearing a musk-like we do post to social media and the internet.


As humans are not objects, so, without slavery that dignity of life is becoming a threat. Since every human is worthy of respect and esteem and obtains the right to move freely, obviously human demands required to respect that beyond the right not to be degraded or dehumanized.

Establishing yourself as being human is tough. We believe that humiliation is a universal human experience; however, the particularities of this experience can only be understood within the social, cultural, and historical context in which these events occur.

There’s no between no one’s better. If you’re great at it. You’re just as good as your dog. And so my idea today is to encourage us to align our actions with our beliefs. Think of ourselves a little bit less, others a little bit more. And we’ll know exactly who we are. And we’ll know exactly what we want.

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